First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

A recently completed project by Siciliano Landscape Company

A recently completed project by Siciliano Landscape Company

First impressions are as important for houses as they are for people. When considering a landscape project, consider this: A professionally designed landscape that is well thought out and executed can add as much as 15 percent to the existing value of your home. Whether you’re looking to update or add foundation plantings or looking into larger projects such as patios, walkways, or a swimming pool, the importance of a coherent and well thought out design plan is critical.

Hiring a Professional

Siciliano Landscape Company is licensed by the state of New Jersey to practice the profession of landscape architecture, a distinction which sets us apart from many of our competitors. Unlike a landscape designer, a landscape architect must have a degree from an accredited university, have experience under a licensed landscape architect, and must have completed the LARE or Landscape architecture Registration Examination. We will assess your property’s topography, soil, existing plant material and create a comprehensive and detailed plan that fits your property and goals.

Establishing Project Goals

If you’ve determined that you’re in need of our services the next step is to gather your ideas of what you’re looking to do. Is it your goal to have a great outdoor entertaining area, a kitchen garden, or curb appeal? Establishing your goals at the beginning of the design process can help us put together a more coherent design. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is a piecemeal approach. The end result is a hodgepodge of plantings and gardens that give your property a disorganized look. A clear set of goals at the beginning of the design process will create a well prepared plan, with a polished look, that remains within your budget.

Establishing a Budget

One of the biggest fears our new customers have is providing us with a budget. Establishing a budget however, gives us a realistic framework in which to work. When it comes to how much one should invest, the American Society of Landscape Architects recommends that a general rule of thumb is between 5 and 10 percent of your home value. Although this may seem like a large chuck of change, research from Virginia Tech University shows that the value of a well designed landscape grows over time. The same can’t be said for traditional home improvements, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Final Thoughts, Landscape Trends

Because Americans are becoming more drawn to adding outdoor rooms to their properties, the ASLA conducted a survey to identify the top trends for 2016. Among the most popular living features of an outdoor landscape were fire pits, outdoor kitchens and seating, and dining areas. Some of the most popular recreational features included custom pools and spa features. If you’re interested in incorporating any of these items into your property, be sure to first schedule a free consultation with Siciliano Landscape Company. A good plan is a good investment.