“And since all this loveliness cannot be heaven, I know in my heart it is June” - Abba Gould Woolson

There is no debate that June is a lovely month, but it can also be a busy one.  June brings weddings, Father’s day, graduations, the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.

Parties will be held outdoors this time of year.  Is your back yard ready for summer entertaining?  Pools, spas, and outdoor kitchens provide a place where family and friends can gather to celebrate life’s important events.  Specialty items such as wine refrigerators, kegerators and pizza ovens can enhance and personalize your space.  The addition of fire pits and fireplaces will create a warm, cozy environment to enjoy into the cooler months.  Well-designed outdoor living areas not only maximize usable space, but can be an extension of your home’s interior.  Choosing similar building materials or color palettes will create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor rooms making your home feel larger.   This can be an advantage when you decide to sell.  Homes with well- designed outdoor living areas and landscaping will stand out against similar homes that do not have that advantage.

When buying or selling a home, landscaping often plays a large role.   In addition to considering curb appeal and usable space, you should consider having a landscape inspection.  A landscape inspection addresses things like tree health, hazardous trees, insect or disease issues, watering issues, soil fertility, and drainage problems.  If you are a seller, a reputable landscape professional can offer solutions to make your property more appealing such as tree removal, flower planting, pruning and lawn renovation.  If you are a buyer, an inspection is crucial, as it may save you from costly problems in the future.   A dead or dying tree, if not identified and removed, may fall causing considerable property damage or injury to someone.  Your landscape professional can give you an estimate for replacement costs of trees or shrubs.  An estimate for monthly landscape maintenance charges is helpful as this is an ongoing expense and should be considered in your home buying budget.  Siciliano Landscape Co. offers free property inspections and estimates; call us today!