To Plant Bulbs In The Fall Is To Have Hope For The Coming Spring

Fall is the time to plant your spring bulbs.  We are all familiar with the usual tulips, daffodils and crocuses but there are many different varieties of bulbs available to plant in the fall. Red or Yellow crown imperials and Globemaster Alliums are large and showy additions to the spring garden, whereas grape hyacinths, anemones and snowdrops will create a lush ground cover.

Wherever you plant bulbs, they should be planted en masse (the more the better).  Imagine a large swath of daffodils on a hillside or red tulips lining a front walk.   Snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom in the spring and look beautiful planted in a woodland setting.  To create a magnificent display, try under planting taller varieties with shorter ones, like daffodils and grape hyacinths. Fall pansies and bulbs can be planted at the same time. Pansies should still be blooming in the spring (depending on the winter) and create a colorful backdrop to your spring bulbs.  You can also extend the season by choosing bulbs that will bloom at different times. Bulb flowers are usually categorized by early, mid, and late bloom.  Some catalog companies will offer mixes that include different bloom times taking out the guess work for you.

Bulbs can be planted along with your fall mums.  Dig a hole a little deeper than needed for the mum.  Fill the hole with bulbs, cover with soil and place the mum on top.  Once the mum has faded for the season, cut it back or pull out pushing more soil into the hole.  The bulbs will be ready to bloom in the spring.